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Below you will find answers to any of your questions about becoming an INSIDER, a member of the Dewey's Comic City subscription club...Once you've read over this FAQ, use the BE AN INSIDER link at the end of this section to get started... or stop by the store today to fill out forms....




Why should I become an INSIDER? 

Because being a member of the reserve system is the surest, easiest way to be certain that you’ll get all the comics you collect! Sell outs and shortages can happen at any time. There are more new titles and first issues being published now than ever before! So it’s becoming harder and harder for a comic retailer to order accurately! Plus Marvel Comics has a “no overprint” policy and for DC and the other publishers it can take anywhere up to two weeks to get a re-order back in stock. By joining our Insider Subscription reserve system you let us know how many of an issue to order and you’ll be certain to get the books you want!

How much does it cost to become a member? 

It’s FREE! We do all the work! It doesn’t cost you anything to join! We simply ask that you promise to pick up your books in a timely fashion. 

How does the DCC Reserve system work? 
Simply fill out the Insider Application form and we do all the rest! Once you fill it out and return the form we’ll assign you a reserve box number. Each week (usually on a Wednesday) when the new books arrive we pull the books needed for our reserves and file them in the appropriate box number. All we ask is that you remember your box number when you come in.  

How often do I have to pick up my books? 
At least once every two weeks. We’d prefer you come in weekly, but if that’s not possible, every other week is fine. A special arrangement may be made for those who need more time.  

How many titles do I have to subscribe to? 

One. There are no minimums. You can subscribe to one title or a hundred.

But, I like to pick up my books off the racks. 

We understand. We suggest you subscribe to only the titles on your “MUST HAVE” list, those books you simply can’t live without each month! Leave the rest for picking up off the rack.  

What about discounts? 

As a Dewey's INSIDERS Member, you will receive 15% off of new comics, trades and graphic novels. We also thank our INSIDERS customers for their patronage in other ways. We run several big SALES on just about everything in the store throughout the year. We also hold at least one (and often two) PRIVATE SALES each year with steep discounts only for INSIDERS and invited guests. 

What if I want to add or delete a title on my list? That’s easy. Simply tell us at the front counter. We keep a reserve update list at the front counter. Just tell us at least two weeks before a title arrives that you want to add to or delete a book from your list and we’ll do the rest. Our only requirement is that books that have not been canceled and reach your reserve box before you remove them from your list are your responsibility. Special orders (books that we would not normally have ordered or have ordered in excess at your request) may not be canceled. 

What if I get a book by mistake? 
Tell us. We make an occasional mistake. Please don’t put the title back on the shelf without telling us. This way can check your reserve box and make sure that the same mistake doesn’t happen again. 

Are there other benefits? 
Besides at least one PRIVATE SALE a year, INSIDERS may also purchase PREVIEWS, the comic store ordering catalog (with MARVEL PREVIEW included) at our cost. INSIDERS in good standing receive a 15% discount on all new comics, trades and graphic novels

Why do you ask for credit card information? 

Credit card information is required as an INSIDER. Your credit card information is confidential and used to purchase your weekly reserves. You will be automatically charged every week for your reserve books. Normally, subscribers under the age of 18 must have the permission and credit card information of a parent or guardian to reserve comics (see CAN KIDS SIGN UP AS RESERVES below). 

What do I do when I want to cancel my reserve box? 

Again, simply tell us. While we hate to lose an INSIDER, things change and it may be necessary to reduce or cancel your reserve box. We understand. Simply tell us as soon as possible. Because this is a commitment on both our parts, you remain responsible for any titles that are in your box at the time that you cancel. However, once you cancel, we’ll stop adding books to your box at once and work with you to clear up any outstanding items. 

Can kids sign up as reserves? 
We love seeing kids reading comics! Because we want to encourage younger folks to read comics, we make certain exceptions to our INSIDER policies. Kids under the age of 15 may subscribe to up to 5 titles without credit card security with the permission and a commitment from their parents or guardian. 

Sounds great! How do I sign up! 
Just stop by the store and pick up INSIDER APPLICATION at the front register, or go to the link on this website and copy and print the appropriate pages, fill it out and return it to us. On the form is a list of some of the more popular title currently beginning published. From time to time we update the list but if you collect something that’s not on the list simply use the allotted extra line to add them. 

It’s easy, fast and quick! We do all the work! And now our Insider Subscription Form is just a couple of clicks away! So if you’ve been checking out this website or you are already regularly stopping by our store to pick up your comics – you might want to consider becoming a member of our subscription club.  




                                                   How To Get Started                      Title List Form







                                          Thanks for choosing Dewey’s Comic City – and welcome aboard!

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